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'Juliet Ayres' is a pen name due to Juliet's wish to keep her writing separate from her teaching career.

Juliet was born and bred in Manchester, UK; daughter to a first generation Italian mother and English father.

After graduating with a PGCE and other post graduate diplomas in dyslexia and special educational needs, Juliet taught basic literacy in Further and Adult Education for ten years and has tutored English privately for over twenty years.

Juliet is mother to three grown children, one of whom has Down's syndrome. She lives in Manchester with her husband, Burmese cat and Nissan Figaro where she is currently working on her next novel - that's at her office computer - not in her Figaro!

Writing has always been a passion, yet it was only in 2018, many years into her teaching career, that Juliet wrote her first book Caught on the Web, and even then, writing a book had not been the intention. The writing task  was initially intended to be a page or three for professional development purposes, but a story developed, Juliet got hooked into it and four months later 'Caught on the Web' was published. 

Besides her love of writing, teaching, cats and Figaros, Juliet enjoys playing violin and cycling - both of which she performs terribly! It is no wonder that her cat scarpers at the first sign of either! But please don't let this put you off her books as one cannot be great at everything.

Read the excellent Amazon reviews for 'Caught on the Web' to see that Juliet has the ability to create well-written, gripping storylines with unexpected quirky twists and true-to-life characters that stir the emotions. 




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